Keyword List Cleaner & Number Stripper

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Why Create This Tool?

Some keyword sources provide data that is in a format that is hard to use. The goal of this tool is to make it easy to grab a list of keywords from just about any public source, clean it up, and sort it in order of which terms have the greatest potential value.

Step 1: Get a List of Keywords

Grab keywords from any of the following free sources, mix and match if you please :)

Also consider the following paid sources:

Step 2: Use Our Tool to Clean Up Your List


Our keyword list cleansing tool offers 4 functions:

  • make alphanumeric
  • strip numbers
  • strip bad words (ie: poorly targeted words)
  • strip any phrase containing a bad word

In a single pass you can use multiple functions by checking the associated check box.

Make Alphanumeric:

Removes periods, commas, and crazy stuff like @#-*&%.

Strip Numbers:

Removes the numbers 0 through 9 and the - symbol. This removes things like search counts.

Strip Bad Words:

Imagine that you have an artist fan site and do not want to target anyone looking for free or wallpaper. So you run your keyword list through this tool with the word free listed as a bad word. This will remove that word from any keyword phrases, while leaving the rest of the words in those phrases in tact.

Strip Any Phrase Containing a Bad Word:

Imagine that you use a tool like KeyCompete, and it returns some results that are related to your marketplace, but off topic to your niche site. This will trim out any keyword phrases that are far off topic. For example, if you wanted to remove wallpaper triggers from showing your ringtone ads.


Your cleaned up keyword list will display in the box you entered the original keyword list into.

Step 3: Use the Google Traffic Estimator to Find the Most Valuable Words and Phrases

  • Go to the Google Traffic Estimator page.
  • Upload your keyword list from our tool, and set the appropriate geographic region.
    • Do not enter bid prices. Submit the form.
    • If you do not enter bid prices they will return the bid range necessary for that keyword to rank #1 for 85% of search queries.
  • Sort the results to show 500 results per page. Sort the results by search volume, bid price, or estimated daily spend to highlight the keywords which Google think are the most valuable.